Automatic Airflow Balancing

Automatic Airflow Balancing

AAB is the hottest selling HVAC tool on the market. Benefit from high tech products right there on your counter.

Anaconda by Universal Metal Hose

anaconda vibration eliminators

Anaconda Vibration Eliminators® are the original refrigeration connectors designed to isolate mechanical equipment from refrigeration tubing. All Anaconda vibration eliminators are cleaned, dehydrated and sealed in plastic film for refrigeration service. For specifications, call Monti & Associates or view our catalog.

Continental Industries

Dynatemp International

Dynatemp International, a national distributor of refrigerants to the HVAC/R industry, meets wholesale customers’ refrigerant needs through six regional manufacturer’s representatives including Monti & Associates in the central U.S. Dynatemp is also the exclusive importer of Rhodia’s ISCEON products to the Americas.


The DYNACYCLE Program is an initiative to provide pure, environmentally friendly products for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. DYNACYCLE gases are restored to a pure form, reducing carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions, the leading cause of ozone depletion.


Eubank is a premium supplier and manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Their products include packaged air conditioners and heat pumps, coils, refrigeration condensing units and unit coolers. Eubank focuses on quality, cusotmer service and staying up to date on the latest technologies.

Harris Products

Harris Products manufactures a broad range of clean and pure products for soldering, brazing and welding. ISO 9002 certified, the company upholds the most stringent quality standards, assuring you of high-quality results on all your metal joining projects.

Jason Indutrial Inc.

Based in Fairfield, New Jersey, Jason Industrial Inc. makes high-quality components for a range of industrial applications. The company’s products include transmission belts, hoses and couplings, along with customized industrial products. Monti & Associates is the Midwest representative for Jason Industrial.

Koch Filter Corporation

Founded in 1966 by Joseph Koch, Koch Filter Corporation is a world class manufacturer of air filtration products. Koch Filter is recognized globally for its premier brand of high efficiency air filtration products and the industry’s broadest range of air filters for any application. Our wide array of filtration products is currently installed in over 50,000 commercial, medical and industrial accounts worldwide.


Dedicated to the replacement business, Lau offers a complete range of products, including FGP series blowers, fire and smoke dampers, control dampers and louvers, universal replacement blowers, propellers and accessories, and ventilation products. Products are designed to keep SKUs to a minimum, and are built to endure the most rugged handling and withstand the increased workload expected of quality replacement products through years of service.


A supplier of high-quality parts for applications in the refrigeration, air-conditioning, plumbing, and heating and ventilation sectors, MA-LINE Specialty Products offers over 9,000 individual products to wholesalers and OEMS. MA-LINE carries a wide range of available parts, and the company is committed to outstanding customer service and quick turnaround. MA-LINE can meet your needs and those of your customers around the world. View a catalog.

Marsh Bellofram

Monti & Associates carries an extensive range of HVAC, industrial, and general service gauges from Marsh/Marshalltown’s division of Marsh Bellofram, the world-class instrumentation manufacturer of gauges and gauge protectors, regulators, thermometers, air cylinders, and other pneumatic and hydraulic devices.


NIBCO is the leading World’s manufacture for copper fittings.

Peerless Of America Inc.

Founded in 1912 and based in Effingham, Illinois, Peerless of America manufactures extruded aluminum coils for heat transfer and fabricates heat transfer coils for the automotive, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries. A major supplier in these markets, Peerless has overseas licensees as well. The company’s customers appreciate its reliability, quality, service, and innovative products.

Quiet Flex

Founded in 1976 and with corporate offices in Houston, Texas, QuietFlex provides high-quality, low-cost flexible air duct of varying diameters and insulation thicknesses to HVAC wholesalers in the residential and manufactured home industries. QuietFlex also manufactures complementary products used in the residential new construction industry, including connectors, copper refrigeration tube, rubber tube insulation, and a full line of HVAC tapes.

Refrigeration Research

Founded as a family business in 1944, Refrigeration Research continues under the same ownership, and remains committed to creating innovative, valuable components that improve the performance and reliability of systems in the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Holder of more than 80 patents for innovative products and processes, Refrigeration Research is based in Detroit.

Refrigeration Technologies

With over 50% of its resources committed to research and development, Refrigeration Technologies (RTX) serves the air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, industrial, military, and high technology sectors. The company maintains a research and manufacturing center in Fullerton, Calif, and has warehouses in New York, Atlanta, Cleveland, Chicago, Sacramento and Dallas. RTX’s products are available through wholesale distributors worldwide. Monti & Associates is a manufacturer’s representative for RTX in Illinois.


Southwire manufactures UL-listed plenum and riser thermostat wire and fire alarm cable, all available with overall shielding. The company also manufactures telephone station, pool ground, underground irrigation, and THHN building wires, and solid bare copper for the HVAC, electrical, irrigation and security alarm markets. The company distributes its products through Monti & Associates in the Midwest region.

Pentair Thermal Management

Pentair Thermal Management business is a world leading provider of heat management systems for industrial and commercial facilities with operations in more than 40 countries. Pentair Thermal Management’s four principal business segments span industrial heat management products, building and infrastructure solutions, engineered and specialty technologies, and turnkey solutions, including engineering, products, procurement, installation, and maintenance services. Additionally, Thermal Management provides heat tracing, floor heating, fire-rated and specialty wiring, sensing, and snow melting and de-icing solutions for industrial, commercial and residential use. Key brands include Raychem, DigiTrace, Tracer, Pyrotenax, and TraceTek.

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket® on a charging hose means proven performance. Ritchie Engineering has been engineering, manufacturing and continuously improving Yellow Jacket hoses for decades, and now boasts the largest single line of HVAC&R tools in the industry. From detection through evacuation, from charging to recovery, Yellow Jacket products are the industry standard. Yellow Jacket products are represented in the Midwest by Monti & Associates.